IBM Unveils New POWER7 Systems To Manage Increasingly Data-Intensive Services
EMMA Mobile™ EV SoCs for Full HD Portable Audio-Visual Devices
An 8.9 inch Touchscreen Panel PC
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Additional capabilities for inter-virtual machine communication, including support for MIPC (multicore/multi-OS interprocess communication), and virtual network and serial ports

When used in conjunction with recently released Wind River On-Chip Debugging 3.2, optimized for development of multicore, multi-OS and virtualized environments, developers can debug the most complex system-level issues such as race conditions, memory corruption and core synchronization
Wind River Hypervisor v1.1
Wind River rolled up version 1.1 of the Wind River Hypervisor embedded virtualization solution for single and multicore processors. Wind River Hypervisor v1.1 supports the latest Intel processors and enables new inter-virtual machine communication capabilities. In addition, debugging of virtual boards is now supported by the latest version of Wind River On-Chip Debugging.
Wind River Hypervisor New Features

Support for the latest Intel microarchitecture codename Nehalem-based processors, such as the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series as well as Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Core i7 processor utilizing advanced virtualization hardware assist capabilities

Integration with Wind River’s operating systems, including the latest versions of VxWorks and Wind River Linux, while also supporting other operating systems for greater flexibility
New POWER7 processor-based systems represent a true leap forward to more intelligent systems that minimize complexity, automate processes, and reduce energy consumption, downtime and other operational costs. On a smarter planet these are the only benchmarks that matter.

Featuring an innovative multi-core, 45 nanometer design, running at speeds of over 4.1 GHz, with up to 8-cores per socket, and four threads per core, POWER7 systems combined with IBM systems software, middleware and storage deliver unprecedented performance for both transactional and throughput computing.
This chip is ideal for very high server, medical research domain.
EMMA Mobile /EV is capable of processing high-definition (HD) content and 3D graphics with very low power consumption.
The new EMMA Mobile/EV SoCs, optimized for the portable device market including portable multi-media players and mobile tablets, integrate ARM's high-end Cortex™-A9 CPU core and a high-performance HD-capable audio-visual (A/V) engine for decoding a multitude of digital video and audio formats. Two versions of the device are available: EMMA Mobile/EV1 with one embedded Cortex-A9 CPU core and EMMA Mobile/EV2 with two embedded Cortex-A9 CPU cores.
PDX-089T is an ultra compact platform for the present demanding embedded and productive applications. It has new Vortex86DX SoC CPU which consumes only minimum power requirement when running at 1GHz, and DDR2 memory provides faster data transfer rate. By using 8.9" TFT LCD, PDX-089T becomes the perfect choice for a limited budget. In additional, the integrated 10/100M Ethernet port supplies the communication capability which makes PDX-089T can be more widely used when running with DOS, Linux, Windows CE, and Windows XP environment to become the perfect solution for system integration.

PDX-089T Features:
8.9" TFT LCD with resistive touchscreen
DM&P Vortex86DX 1GHz onboard
512MB DDR2 system memory onboard
Compact Flash Type I/II / microSD Slot
Mini-PCI socket (Wi-Fi Optional)
Fanless and low power consumption
Metal chassis with compact design
The new EMMA Mobile/EV SoCs offer the following features:

(1) Capable of HD format decoding in various formats

Through a dedicated A/V engine, EMMA Mobile/EV can decode H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC-1 content up to Full-HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) on portable devices.

(2) Incorporates built-in advanced interface with 3D graphics engine

      The EMMA Mobile/EV2 chip integrates a high-performance POWERVR™ SGX™ 3D graphics core from Imagination Technologies Ltd., realizing 3D processing at 14.7 megapolygons per second and pixel-filtrate performance of 500 megapixels per second sustained under realistic operating conditions. This feature brings advanced effects that enable more realistic and compelling images to be created.

(3) Reduced power consumption when playing back multi-media data

      The new products incorporate various technologies such as automatic clock control, on-chip power-switch and quick-recovery (Note 1). Using those features, EMMA Mobile/EV is reducing power consumption by up to 30 percent compared to EMMA Mobile 1, thereby contributing to longer battery life.

(4) Supports mobile DDR and DDR2 memory
      The new products support mobile DDR and DDR2 as the main memory. System designers can choose either mobile DDR with low power consumption, or apply DDR2 to develop non-portable devices at low cost.