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Raspberry PI 3 is released on fourth Birthday of Raspberry Pi
Feb 2016
This board is at same price tag 35 USD. It has Quad Core 64 bit ARM processor and Integrated 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1. This time also it is using Broadcom new SoC BCM2837.

The good point is compatibility with older Raspberry PI.
List of Embedded System Events 2016

Team EmbeddedCraft has released list of Embedded System related events for 2016. These events have been organized in PPT format also. Click Here to download.

If you have found any event not listed here, please let us know we will update this list. You can send email to us at
Canonical has announced the release of Ubuntu Core OS for Samsung ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 Development Board. This is a good step in the direction of increasing IoT market. Ubuntu is well supported OS and developer will be benefitted with running Ubuntu on ARTIK Platform.
Both boards are running on ARM processor and ideal for wearable and IoT kind of Application

Ubuntu Core Running on Samsung ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10
This is Programmable System on Chip Architecture. PSoC 4 L-Series has up to 256KB flash memory, 98 general purpose I/Os, 33 programmable analog and digital blocks, a USB device controller, a control area network (CAN) interface.

New chip capabilities are Dual-mutual CapSense blocks with up to 94 channels, Capacitive Touch , Programmable digital blocks to create bit-perfect digital audio solutions.

Cypress introduced new Cortex M0 based SOC
Feb 2016