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AVR is a 8 bit RISC Processor, which was originally developed by  two students at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, named as Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan. It is understood that the name AVR stands for Alf Vegard RISC.  Now AVR is under the umbrella of Atmel Co.

This tutorial describe use of AVR Studio, which is the IDE include GCC compiler for AVR. This article describe step by step use of AVR studio.
Using AVR Studio for Developing Embedded Apllication by 8-bit AVR
AVR Programming, AVR Development Tools, AVR Tutorials, Atmel AVR, AVR Learning, AVR Training
RTOS list webpage is updated
Mar 2016

Real Time Operating System (RTOS), are used in Embedded System. Now days there are so many vendors in the market which provide RTOS.

Some of them are well established also. We try to compile a list of RTOS which are available in market as per our knowledge.

To visit updatd RTOS webpage Click Here
VI Editor A Quick Look
Date of Publish : Dec-2014
Embedded Linux, VI Editor, Text Editor
Learn how to use VI editor which is very famous among Embedded Linux and Linux developers.

In this article we describe most used commands of VI Editor in brief and crispy manner.

Believing that this will be useful to all who want to do Embedded System development based on Linux and even useful to general Linux user.
Raspberry PI 3 is released on fourth Birthday of Raspberry Pi
Feb 2016
List of Embedded System Events 2016
Ubuntu Core Running on Samsung ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10
Cypress introduced new Cortex M0 based SOC
Feb 2016