FreeRTOS V7.3.0 released

New Features...
> Low power support
> Including a tickless mode
> Official Cortex-R4 Hercules support (RM48 and TMS570) added

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Microchip released dsPIC33FJ32MC104  new family of microcontroller

This family is focused on Motor control applications. This provide a low cost solution. This is an ultra low cost, high performance 16-bit motor control family of microcontrollers. It features CTMU, MCPWMs, PPS and other advanced peripherals with low pin count and small footprint options. This controller can perform 16 MIPS. This is having 16 bit PIC and dsPIC extension. Please find following  important feature of this controller family
Core: 16 bit PIC and dsPIC

Flash: 32KB
Performance: 16MIPS
Package: 18 to 44 pins
Develoment Board
dsPICDEM MCLV-2 Development Board (DM330021-2)
dsPICDEM MCHV-2 Development Board (DM330023-2)

Other Features...

> Timer5 x 16 bit timer
> Input Capture3 x Input Capture
> Output compare2 x Output Compare
> WDTWDT and Power Management
> ADCupto 14 channel 10 bit ADC
> 1 XPC
> 1 x SPI
> 1 x UART
> 6 MC PWM
> 3 x Analog Comparator

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